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Goals and Aims of is the projects arm of

Our goal at is to make things simpler. So I shall leave it at that. aims to smooth furrows. We have had the plough for a long time. Now it's time for the harrow and seed drill.

Building a Computer for Children and Fun

First Things First

How to Install Dokuwiki on an EC2 Instance

If you get a black screen after an update of DokuWiki (esp when clicking links) then you'll need to disable JS in you browser temporarily and then update all plugins from the admin panel. I suspect the culprit is “Gallery”.

Qemu and Buildroot

A Sound Today

Linux Kernel Development

Improving the C Language

NodeJS, Javascript etc




Jamming Resources in App Binaries, in C with compile time safety

In coming : 2018/05/20

Resources in C/C++ Programs


Templated Covariant Pointer Type in C++ with Simple Inheritance

  • This is a fun exercise in building tree type data structures and walking them at compile time
  • It shows a very basic inheritance method and implements a template base covariant pointer type

Auto generating a C++ math library

  • This subject is massive and I'm afraid I'm not ready to release the code for it yet

Typed Vector Storage for Graphics Coding

Beyond Trivial Types for Vector Processing

Signed Distance Fields Including Generator Code

  • Move SDF to “Graphics”



Xylem and Phloem

ModL Audio Synthesis

UK Election Numbers

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