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 +Partly JSON but also a lot of "​object in syntax"​ systems
 +The parsing hierarchy seems backwards. We start with an array or object which contains numbers, bools, strings etc.
 +We start by defining a '​value'​ and array/​object are types of values.
 +Like XML Json should have gone '​typeless'​. Type can be inferred but there are too many libraries that pass all numbers as f64 (double) and others that don't.
 +I can not extend the syntax easily (e.g. add hex etc) or even use fast parsers as my data is tiny.
 +null, true, false are all a bit *meh* we simply don't need them. null is especially weird. Surely null data just "​isn'​t"​ there in the output.
 +The system is still syntax heavy and doesn'​t really need to be.
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