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  • Build and run Qt applications on EC2/AWS
  • Be able to use QImage, SQL, base, XML and HTTP Server Libraries (3rd party)
  • Optional (but nice)
    • Access OpenGL, even if it's a software emulation
  • Setup you VM on EC2 using a standard Amazon Linux image
  • Make sure you have GCC, PERL and Python installed
    • todo;add yum command here
  • create qt folder
  • wget qt source package
    • or use git; todo;instructions
  • configure qt for core, network, xml, gui (if it will run headless)
  • qmake
  • install

use a git repo to transfer your apps across demo a simple web service written in Qt running on EC2 (this rocks)

shell in, DL, unpack

# ./configure -h

shows options

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