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 +This is not a criticism of Qt, in fact it has excellent debug output support.
 +I use Qt Creator and I've always found it slightly frustrating that I can't just click on a line of debug output to be taken to the source line that wrote it.
 +#define here (qDebug().nospace().noquote() << "​file:///"​ << __FILE__ << ":"​ << __LINE__ << ":"​ << __FUNCTION__ << ":"​).space()
 +This macro outputs to qDebug as you would expect but outputs the file and line from which the debug output came.
 +When this is output to the "​Application Output"​ panel in Qt Creator it is parsed in such a way that I can now just click on the line of text in the app output panel and be taken to that line of source.
 +This is especially useful for cleaning up code before release!!!
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