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 +==== Ideas ====
 +  * Static function polymorphism
 +  * Standardise uint64/i8 types without requiring headers. "​unsigned long long" meet your maker.
 +  * Add simple, GLSL, style primitive vector types e.g. vec4, ivec, bvec etc
 +  * Extend operators slightly - add rotate left and rotate right, also standard count leading zeros, ones, trailing zeros, ones and mask generation
 +  * Atomics built in for primitives
 +  * Crystal clear threading
 +  * Enough primitives for threading/​parallelism that an even queue can be implemented in <20 LOC
 +  * Total consistency of syntax - none of the
 +  * Tools to convert C code (e.g. remove types with spaces, identify rotate/CLZ locations and more)
 +  * 100% backwards compatible? Is this achievable?
 +  * Templates - mostly to have type safety in lists etc. I'm not sure how well this works without inheritance.
 +  * No code generation e.g. VTBL. We just don't do that. However, it would be beautiful if the language allowed you to do that (see inheritance above)
 +  * 
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