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Signed Distance Field Conversion & QtConcurrent


I have a fairly reasonable dev box and I have jobs that can take an awful long time.

I would like to parallelise these task.

I have a machine with 8 hardware threads. 4 * SMP and 2 * SMT.

The workload is “embarrassingly parallel”. I'm converting a vector font to SDF representation. The embarrassing bit is that each glyph can be converted without reference to any other.

256 glyphs will be converted and the “load” can be adjusted by changing the input size of the glyphs. This affects both compute bandwidth and memory bandwidth and will probably show up cache effects.

Naturally, going parallel with this will consume more RAM too. Our computer is going to do X things at once and therefore need X times as much temporary storage, plus a little for thread management.

An now… Some observations… With GRAPHS!!!

SDF Generation

This tool will also provide you with a decent SDF generator. Just give it a font (run the app, it's basically self explanatory)

Select the font you want and define the

* insert git clone on git repo (which is still broken) *

Parallel vs Serial Benchmarks

Varying the Workload

lim(memory), lim(cpu)

Here I will map out the amount of memory required given the

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